Carlos Garcia 


An Open Door At City Hall

As your Phoenix City Council representative of District 8, Carlos Garcia is committed to bringing the decision-making process of the City Council to the people, having an open door and actively organizing committees on issues and needs to better inform decisions being made at Phoenix City Council.


An Organized Community in South Phoenix

 As a South Phoenix resident and advocate who works with thousands of people across the City of Phoenix, Carlos hears ongoing community concerns regarding policing, education, employment, housing, small business, and public transportation.  For too long, many residents of the City of Phoenix have felt deeply disengaged and often ignored by City Hall.  

A Tireless Leader for Change

Carlos will work tirelessly to represent a people’s agenda based on equity and dignity for people of all socioeconomic status, cultures, races, and gender identities.  Carlos' candidacy is not a career move, but a community mandate spurred from sixteen years of building trust and shared work, side by side with his neighbors, co-workers, fellow advocates, community leaders, and countless Phoenix residents.  With an entire community standing alongside him, Carlos has and will continue to lead with the concerns, ideals, and aspirations of our residents at the forefront to further develop our beautiful and diverse district. 

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