We have developed our campaign platform in partnership with the residents and community members of Phoenix District 8.

Carlos with Community Members at Canvass


As City Council Member, Carlos will allocate funds to create a safer Phoenix with the security of all of our residents in mind. The people of South Phoenix deserve safe neighborhoods and streets, but this should not come at the expense of over policing of black and brown residents.

Phoenix residents should have community oversight over Phoenix Police Department regarding incidents of police violence and racial profiling. Together we will:

Develop the creation of a Community Oversight Board that is responsible for reviewing claims of police harassment and officer involved shootings.

Demand external investigation of any officer involved shooting in District 8.

Ask why $670 million of the city’s dollars are being spent in Phoenix Police Department's budget.

Be transparent and ask for annual community safety & crime reports.

Carlos Garcia has led various community forums to discuss police violence and officer involved shootings in South Phoenix, and has petitioned the Phoenix City Council repeatedly in an effort to hold Phoenix Police Department accountable.


We need working street lights in our neighborhoods and parks. As a City Councillor, Carlos will prioritize the timely replacement of non-working lights and make it easier to report non-working lights and other issues.

Carlos will also ensure that drivers have safe roads, with any needed repairs to roads or city property done in a timely fashion.



The residents of District 8 deserve quality transportation and working lighting systems for bus stops and rail stations. Our campaign prioritizes the development of public transportation without sacrificing roads on our main streets. Carlos believes the city government should require community education and town halls on any current or upcoming light rail and transportation plans. Our platform is focused on increasing the use of public transportation in District 8 without placing a financial burden on local business owners or pushing out longtime residents.



Our communities need strong schools and strong teachers. Carlos Garcia and his wife Alexis Aguirre, an educator in the Osborn School District, have been at the forefront of the Red for Ed movement and continue fighting for better school systems in our communities.

Carlos at Action with Megaphone


For the last 16 years, Carlos Garcia has organized against anti-immigrant laws and unfair police profiling practices that affect Latino, immigrant, and African American communities. Carlos has fought tirelessly to protect the rights of immigrant workers and end the separation of families, and he played a pivotal role in blocking of the most adversarial provisions of SB1070 and Local City Council Immigration Orders 4.48. As a City Councilmember, he will continue fighting to protect immigrants from profiling and keep our communities safe.


Carlos will prioritize the preservation of public parks, community spaces, libraries, and South Mountain. As a City Councillor, he will push to clean up the public spaces we have, while building a greener Phoenix with more trees and more recycling bins in public spaces. We will prioritize access to community recycling information in English & Spanish.


It’s the people of South Phoenix who will grow South Phoenix. District 8 deserves access to economic and cultural prosperity without pushing out local businesses and long-time community residents. Our campaign is focused on revitalizing the historic sites and parks in our neighborhood before commencing any future development. All future development should come from the wants and needs of our residents, and not developers or special interest groups.

Carlos believes city government should require community input, including community education forums and town halls, before beginning any revitalization plans.